Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Post: Ashlee - A Poem

Today we are lucky enough to have Ashlee with us Guest Blogging. Ashlee wrote this beautiful poem in memory of her two angels. Please take a moment to read her post and to leave comments in response in the comments below or on our Facebook Page

Though we never got to meet,
to see your hands and tiny feet,
Mommy loves you with all her heart,
and it hurts so much to be apart. 
Daddy says hi to you above,
and he sends to you all his love,
you were his bright and shining star,
now his heart has a scar,
we picked out names, books and more,
we only wanted you to soar,
but you're in heaven and we are down here,
we loved you so our little dears,
even though you left us too soon,
you were brighter to us than the moon,
you filled us up with joy and cheer,
and maybe just a little fear,
but though I'll never hear you giggle,
even see you walk and wiggle,
know this is very true,
Mommy and Daddy loved you two,
one day I know that we'll meet,
so I can tickle those tiny feet,
you filled my heart, but yet I cry,
it was so hard to say goodbye,
but with every single tear ,
mommy loves you so much my little dears,
I will not say goodbye forever,
one day I'll see you in heaven,
but until that day, just remember,
our love will stay with you forever,
goodnight my dears I love you so,
just remember I wont let your memory go.

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