Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Gage

I can't believe Gage would be 4 today. It's even harder to believe how we have lived almost 4 years without him. We were unable to take our annual trip due to sick kids. We stayed home and replanted flowers in Gage's flower bed. We have also been working on more kits that we hope to donate soon. I am grateful for everyone that has supported and continues to support GAGE. I am thankful for the Palo Verde Relief Society who collected and donated hats, outfits, blankets, journals, magnets and seeds. A big thank you to my mother-in-law who continues to help sew blankets and bags and my Aunt Carol who purchased more gowns. I also received a large donation of yarn locally that will make a ton of hats. Thank you all for helping me celebrate Gage's 4th birthday by helping me donate more kits to be given to other families in his memory.


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