Each package donated contains items that were either given to me during this experience, and were things that I found to be of great comfort, or were things that I wish I would have had. Each package contains the following items:

  • Infant Gown & HatI had a difficult time deciding what to dress Gage in for burial.  I was going to put him in the outfit that he wore home from the hospital, however, I am glad someone told me that I might want that outfit for myself in the future.  I chose a gown/hat set that he had never worn.  I now have a shadow box with his first outfit and other items that I look at each day.  I want to give other families this same option.
  • BlanketI’ll never forget sitting in the hospital ER holding my son for the last time.  We held him for four hours until the medical examiner arrived.  He was wrapped in a rough white hospital sheet.  The morning of his funeral I decided to see him one last time.  Laid across his feet was a homemade baby blanket, I don’t know where it came from but it comforted me to know that someone took the time to make this for him.
  • "Remember" MagnetI received several items and resources from various groups.  In one of these packets was a magnet that had “remember” typed across the front of it.  I can’t explain why this has such a special meaning to me but I have it on the front of my refrigerator and I think of Gage every time I see it. 
  • JournalI started a journal shortly after losing Gage.  It has helped me tremendously with healing.  I always have somewhere to express my feelings. 
  • "Forget Me Not" SeedsI received Forget Me Not Seeds in a card from my aunt after Gage died.  We have planted a tree surrounded by flowers in our back yard that we enjoy taking care of as a family.  We love looking at these beautiful flowers and thinking of our precious baby boy.
If you would like to help in the creation of these packages visit our How to Help and/or Donate pages.