Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Capture Your Grief Days 6 & 7

Day 6 – BOOKS So many of us turn to reading in the wake of the death of our children. We take solace in other people’s words, stories, journeys and wisdom. Have you read any books that have helped in this journey of healing after loss? They don’t have to be specifically about the death of a child, just anything that helped you. Share about how they helped you and what you loved about them. You can share books that help grieving children too. Please feel welcome to share links.

I loved reading Heaven is for Real after Gage's death. I've always believed that there is life after death. Knowing that I will be reunited with Gage one day is truly what keeps me going and helps push me through my grief. There is also a kid version of the book which I was able to share with my other children. 

Day 7 – MEMORY Share a memory of your child. It doesn’t have to be a positive or negative memory. Just share whatever it is that you want or feel drawn to sharing. You are the story teller here.
Gage only lived 3 days but his little life has forever changed me. I often think of all the memories that I'll miss with Gage which makes me cherish the few that I do have like bringing him home from the hospital, meeting his siblings, the only bath I would give him, the night before/morning of his death, the last time I held him and the last time I would see his precious little face. I keep a box with all of the outfits he wore and blankets that swaddled him. My biggest fear is forgetting my memories of Gage, both positive and negative. I'm grateful for all of the pictures we have because I never get tired of staring at his sweet little face.


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