Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Capture Your Grief: Day 7 - Sacred Place

My sacred place would be my home.  We have so many reminders of Gage spread throughout our home.  We have pictures/wall hangings that allow us to remember the short time we had together.  We planted "Gage's tree" shortly after he died and have enjoyed watching it grow and planting flowers nearby, this is one of my favorite spots in our yard. #captureyourgrief #whathealsyourheart

One of my favorite signs my sister had made for me - "Because someone we love is in Heaven, there is a little bit of Heaven in our home"

Day 7: SACRED PLACE. Do you have a special place that you visit to “be” with your children? A place that you feel connected to? Maybe it is their grave, or a beautiful garden, beach or forest. What does this place mean to you? Why that place? If you haven’t got a sacred place that you visit to remember your children, maybe have a think about finding a beautiful place that you can visit to remember them. It is never too late to do this. Having a sacred space for you to visit to just be, is wonderful for your soul. It gives you some time out to just allow yourself to calm your heart and reconnect with the love that you have for your children.
Capture Your Grief is a mindful healing project for anyone who is grieving the death of a baby or child of any age or gestation. If you are not grieving the death of a child but a loved one and would like to raise awareness for the bereaved parents community, we welcome you to take part as well to help us spread the word about our community. For more information visit CarlyMarie Project Heal at  http://carlymarieprojectheal.com/2014/09/capture-your-grief-2014.html


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