Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Capture Your Grief Day 8 - Resource

We began receiving resources immediately....while we were sitting in the hospital with Gage.  The Glendale Fire Department was in the hospital at the same time for another family who lost a son to SIDS the same morning and provided my mother with a lot of resources to be given to us at a later time.  Shortly after we received a gift from a local organization Sewing For Babies.  The package we received contained various items that helped me and still help me remember Gage.  We have a great circle of family and friends who have always been there to support us on this journey.  I am grateful to the people who are always willing to listen even though they may not fully understand.  I am grateful to the people who speak to me about Gage and still include him as one of my children.  A part of my healing process is to share my story with others and speak openly about my son and I am always grateful to those who help me in that process. #captureyourgrief #whathealsyourheart

Gift from Sewing For Babies

Day 8: RESOURCE. When we become bereaved, in the beginning, many of us look outwards for help. We set out in the night with a blanket and a lantern in search of others like us. Along the road we usually find someone or something and it is with that discovery that we can walk this road with understanding company we watch the sun begin to rise over our worlds again. Share some resources that have aided you in your healing journey. It may be a website, charity, organization, a person/teacher/therapist/new friend etc. Whatever it is, share what is so wonderful about that resource and how it has helped you. Please feel welcome to share links so that others can benefit.
Capture Your Grief is a mindful healing project for anyone who is grieving the death of a baby or child of any age or gestation. If you are not grieving the death of a child but a loved one and would like to raise awareness for the bereaved parents community, we welcome you to take part as well to help us spread the word about our community. For more information visit CarlyMarie Project Heal at


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